5 Ways to Safely Holiday post-Covid-19: Caravan Camping in NZ

5 Ways to Safely Holiday post-Covid-19: Caravan Camping in NZ

With the entire country on standby as New Zealand’s alert levels fluctuate in response to Covid-19, it’s understandable to feel uneasy when it comes to taking a trip – whether it be to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a weekend getaway.

But even with social distancing and travel restrictions, enjoying some domestic travel with a road trip is still safely possible, especially if you have a caravan. Here are five ways to have a fun and safe caravan holiday in the age of Covid-19.

1. Freedom to roam

Hands down the best part of a caravan holiday during these times is the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You decide where and when to exit the vehicle allowing you to reduce the risk of infection. You can easily change your travel destination and keep safely socially distant from others. Take advantage of this freedom and keep your planning to a minimum, which will allow you to pack up and leave easily in case of changes to alert levels or feeling there’s a safer place to visit elsewhere.


2. Research campsites

Campsite owners are working hard to ensure that, where any facilities are shared, everything possible is done to keep guests safe. Take some time to research campsites in a particular destination to find a place with ample space, multiple facilities, and appears clean and well-maintained. Recent reviews will help with the latter. Call and ask about a contactless check-in before making your booking.


3. Be prepared

Before you hit the road, make sure you’re prepared with plenty of supplies. Ensure the water tank is full, gas bottles are stocked, batteries are fully charged, and you’ve got everything you need to be self-sufficient. Fill up the fridge with food and drinks, cupboards are full of dried goods, and snacks are plentiful. You’ll want to feel as if you can comfortably live in the caravan to keep contact with others at a minimum.


4. Map it out

While attending events and dining out are a fun way to enjoy a holiday, it does not have to be the sole purpose. If an alert level changes, you’ll want to ensure you can safely enjoy your time away from home. Find a bunch of natural sites along the way or within a region you’re visiting. Not only is this a safe way to enjoy an area while maintaining social distancing, it’s also free! And there’s no hassle in terms of cancellations.


5. Camp at home

If you’re located somewhere where travel outside the region is not possible, or you’re feeling particularly uneasy about being too far from home, make the most of your caravan and camp at home! Remember those younger years camping in the backyard? Bring that sense of magic back and enjoy a staycation at home. Set up your caravan as if you’re headed away and relax in your deck chair with your favourite drink, strike up the barbie, toast marshmallows under the stars and sleep cosy in your caravan as if you were far away.


Stay up to date on New Zealand’s alert levels and travel advisories here: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/current-alert-level/