5 Helpful Tips to Remember When Planning Your First Motorhome Holiday

5 Helpful Tips to Remember When Planning Your First Motorhome Holiday

Whether you are looking to purchase or hire your first motorhome to make the most of travelling your own country, these 5 tips will be helpful when planning your first trip.

1. Choose the right size for your travels 

There are lots of options when looking to hire a motorhome. Each option has a particular layout and equipment. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to pick the best option to suit your travels. 

If you want to do a lot of camping in remote areas, you’ll want something with a large water tank, a filter for tap water, and solar panels. 

If you are two adults, choosing a motorhome that sleeps four gives you extra room to store bags, making your travels more comfortable. 


2. Pack smart

Hiring a motorhome is like renting a furnished apartment for a holiday. These vehicles are fitted with just about everything you need, including a standard kitchen and cutlery, utensils, dishwashing liquid, wine glasses, kettles, toaster 

You’ll also have sheets and blankets, clothes pegs, towels All you need are your clothes and personal items. 

To make storage easier use a soft bag or backpack as hard suitcases are more difficult to store. 

Don’t forget to grab your charger, a torch, and a beach towel! 


3. Secure loose items before hitting the open road

Check that your belongings and the kitchenware are secure before you start driving. Make sure to also check if the cupboards and drawers are securely shut. 

If you use power cable, make sure it is disconnected and tidy in your camper. The same goes for the gas cylinder – ensure it is safely closed – and the awning is reeled back in. 

Once you’re on the road, be conscious of the motorhome’s size. It needs more care when you turn or park it because of its extra length. Look out for dedicated campervan parking, particularly that gives you extra room to manoeuvre. 


4. Pick the perfect spot to stay the night

Travelling by motorhome offers much more flexibility than other travel options. You can travel according to your preferences, weather, or choose to stay longer in one place. 

There are three main options for your overnight stays: traditional camping, DOC campgrounds, freedom camping. 

The first is the most convenient as you can connect to a power source, dump your wastewater, fill with fresh water, and have access to additional facilities such as a large kitchen or a hot shower. 

The second option, DOC sites, are managed by the government. They provide a very basic stay but tend to be placed near special locations such as lakes, the ocean, or a forest and only cost a few dollars a night. 

The final option is one that requires a bit more work as you must find freedom camping-approved areas that typically do not provide any facilities. You’ll also need to find where to dump rush and wastewater. 


5. Keep cooking simple with easy recipes

Treating yourself to a nice dinner or a quick takeaway are certainly options for your holiday, but it may not suit you for the entire journey.  

Some easy recipes to add to your cookbook include bacon and egg pie, meatloaf, and hearty saladsFor winter travel, cook up a crockpot meal to keep you warm later in the evening. You can let it cook during the day while you’re out enjoying the scenery. 

A quick tip: cook meat outside on a BBQ to avoid smells inside the motorhome. 

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Finally, the most important motorhome tip: live in the moment, relax and enjoy your holiday.